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Debbie Cossi
Parent Coach 


With over 28 years of experience working directly with children and their families, I have seen it all. 

We are all well meaning parents who love our children and who could sometimes use a little support and guidance on how to maneuver the day to day. 

I have struggled with my own kids when they were young, sometimes closing myself in another room just to cry. 

Parenting is tough and it doesn't come with a manual. When you add all of our outside responsibilities like housekeeping, going to our jobs, spending time with our spouse, grocery shopping etc. etc. it can become overwhelming. 

Parents want to lead with love. I will work with you to support and encourage you as you begin to implement new strategies and techniques to bring peace back into your home. 

We will work as a team to find solutions that work for your family.  

Let's get started! 

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