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  • 4 sessions, $400

  • Sessions are every other week for two months

  • Each session is 1-hour in length

  • We meet in person at my office or "face-to-face" online using Goggle Meets

  • You will also receive an email summary covering the suggestions and recommendations we discussed.

  • Unlimited email and text support during the time we are working together. 



  • First, we will spend a few minutes talking about the coaching process and getting to know one another. You can ask any questions or get clarification at this time.

  • Then, we will discuss your current challenges as well as hopes and goals for the future.

  • At least two new tools per session to begin implementing immediately. 

  • At the end of the session we will schedule our next session approximately 2 weeks later.

  • Free email support is provided between sessions. You are encouraged to email with success stories, questions, concerns or clarification at any time between meetings.



  • A one hour session is not long enough to make significant changes to your parenting. The first session is learning more about you, your family, and your history. Identifying patterns and talking through challenging situations. It doesn’t leave much time for strategies.

  • Coaching is offered in a 4 session package because it takes time to get shifted onto a new path. 

  • Parents who meet consistently see better results. 

  • After we have established a relationship (at least 4 sessions), a strong foundation has been laid. At that time you have the option to purchase a single check-in session.

$ 340- 4 additional Coaching Package 

  • Once you have completed the initial 4 session coaching package you can add on another 4 session package for $340. 

  • These additional sessions will build on the tools you already have by adding more specific strategies with scripts. 

$100 per hour- Individual sessions 

  • You may choose to only add one or two additional sessions. These sessions are $100 per hour and build on the tools you already have by adding more specific strategies with scripts. 

Coaching Prices: List

Coaching Options And Rates


An Investment In Your Family

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