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What Clients Are Saying 


Jordan Bentley, St Helena

My husband and I really love working with Debbie. Her wisdom, experience and professional insight has been invaluable to our family. Debbie is very kind, and non-judgmental. She works to understand all angles of an issue and then works with you to create balance and restore harmony within the family dynamic so both parents and kids can thrive. What I love most is that she showed us how to make little tweaks to our family routine that made big positive impacts quickly. Thank you Debbie!

Amy Beaudine, St Helena 

Ms. Debbie Cossi has been working miracles with our family. If any of you moms and dads out there need support with challenging children I can’t recommend anyone more—total game changer. Debbie works wonders and is there for me day (and nights actually) whenever my mommy heart is breaking from frustration. She coaches on zoom and has been the most supportive, informative, generous and authentic person (I’ve needed more than I knew) to help me with Beau, and ultimately our whole family. I am no longer yelling at my son, my whole perspective has changed and I want all of you to join her brilliant forces!! Send her a message. We are not islands, we need people, and our children need us to have people too."

Erin, St Helena

"Every new parent, no matter how helpful their family might be, or how many books they’ve read, none of us come equipped with the deep reserves of experience that someone who is a true authority possesses. Debbie is that authority, and she has seen it all. Her coaching and guidance comes from a place of care, compassion, and from a clear vantage point. Parents struggle with weaning, with temper tantrums, toilet training and sleep issues, and often we are facing these issues while battling sleepless nights. Tear-filled struggles. Guilt for being late to work because of a particularly trying morning. Worry that we are not measuring up as parents. Debbie has a clear, judgement-free perspective, and can help you develop a plan based on what works, when you might be too overwhelmed to see the path clearly yourself. Her guidance and steady, warm friendship and support was everything to our young family in our two boys’ earliest years."


S.S, St Helena

Debbie was a huge support to me. She provided valuable advice and recommendations for parenting while never making me feel judged. We remain friends to this day and I'm so thankful for all that she provided for our family. "


Amy, Napa

"Debbie has a gift for establishing productive routines . We will always be grateful for Debbie helping us navigate our early parenting years with our children who are now all grown up and thriving. "

Mary-Robb, Wisconsin

"As parents, we value her years of professional experience. She became a trusted resource for parenting advice and support. Her family coaching services are invaluable to her clients. "

Elizabeth, North Carolina

"Debbie was our partner in navigating a multitude of childhood milestones, and she did the same for every family with whom she worked, deftly managing each family's unique culture. Debbie was the wise, calm, surefooted older sister I never had, always ready with a sympathetic ear and measured advice. She is simply the best "


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