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Welcome To

Cossi Family Coaching

Parenting is one of the most joyful things you will ever do. And it's one of the hardest! 

As a parent coach, I will support you to develop practical, positive, long term solutions to your parenting challenges. 

We will work as a team to develop a plan for positive change, and I will assist with the implementation and achievement of that plan. 

My strategies are straight forward, practical and work to end undesirable behaviors while empowering

EVERYONE in the family to make positive changes. 


Whether your family could use guidance in many areas or just small changes in a few areas, I can help. 






It is my mission help you with your positive parenting skills

so you can get back to being the best parent you can be 

with peace and joy in your home. 

Contact me today for a complimentary phone call. 


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Coaching Services

Supporting Your Success

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My Services Provide Assistance With

  • Time Management

  • Tantrums/Back talk 

  • Improving Communication 

  • Parent self-care

  • Setting Boundaries 

  • Media Management 

  • Consistency and Follow-through 

  • Bed time/Nap time Routines

  • Meal Time Management 

  • Establishing Responsibilities 

  • Identifying/Working through Entitlement issues

  • Money Management/ Allowances

  • Family Contributions/Chores  

  • And Much More!.....


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Debbie Cossi
About Me

With over 27 years of experience working directly with children and their families, I have seen it all. 

We are all well meaning parents who love our children and who could sometimes use a little support and guidance on how to maneuver the day to day. 

I have struggled with my own kids when they were young, sometimes closing myself in another room just to cry. 

Parenting is tough and it doesn't come with a manual. When you add all of our outside responsibilities like housekeeping, going to our jobs, spending time with our spouse, grocery shopping etc. etc. it can become overwhelming. 

My Story

I was born and raised in the Napa Valley and attended California State University Fullerton earning a degree as a speech and language therapist. 

For two years I worked with elementary school children in the East Whittier School district. 

Then I moved back to the valley and worked for one year at Alta Heights Elementary School in Napa. 

Once I had my own two daughters, I decided to start my own business so I could work from home and be home for them. 

It was then I began my childcare business, Cossi Family Childcare. For 24 years I worked directly with children and families. 

This is where I discovered a need for family support and coaching. I have helped many families throughout the years by lending an ear and giving them strategies to try at home. 

Parents want to lead with love. I will work with you to support and encourage you as you begin to implement new strategies and techniques to bring peace back into your home. 

We will work as a team to find solutions that work for your family.  

Let's get started! 

Family Fishing

Schedule your 15 minute Complimentary Consult

I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation

to get to know each other and determine if my services are appropriate for you and your family. 

Please fill out the below form to get started. 

I will reach out to you shortly via email. 

Thanks for submitting!

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Coaching Options And Rates

        $295Introductory Package- Includes:

1.Identification of your family's values, priorities and challenges

through a Family History Form. 

2. Initial 60 minute session- to begin the process of understanding your family dynamics, discover your goals and determine the path of action that fits your situation.

3. At least two specific tools with scripts that you can implement immediately. 

4. Development of an action plan specifically designed for your family needs. This plan will include many tips, strategies and scripts to bring positive change to you home. 

5. A second 60 minute session- to discuss

-the action plan

-how the new tools are working 

-any new information you would like to share

- if you would like additional support

6. A detailed email of the action plan- to refer to later when you begin to implement the plan. 

7. Targeted reading recommendations 


$585- Comprehensive Coaching Package- Includes

The comprehensive Coaching Package includes everything in the introductory package plus, 

1. Two- additional 60 minute sessions (total of Four) to discuss

-what is working,

-what is not working,

-skill building using additional specific tools with scripts ​​

2.Two- additional detailed emails of the action plan- to refer to later when you begin to implement the plan. 

3. Two- email or phone call consultations/ support between coaching sessions.


*If you began the coaching process and chose the introductory package but now feel you would benefit from a more comprehensive approach, we can easily change it. 


Add-on support- 


$30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes

         For families who would benefit from additional support after coaching 




        "Quick fix" of fine tuning- $15  

        15 minute phone calls for fine tuning 



An Investment In Your Family

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What is Family Coaching?

Family Coaching is a personalized and tailored support that helps families identify and address areas of concern within their family. 

Coaching assists the parents in creating a parenting plan of strategies to change unwanted behaviors and replace them with positive solutions. 

What is your Coaching Philosophy?

I use a no nonsense, POSITIVE PARENTING approach to parenting and coaching.  

I believe in working with your child's intrinsic need for belonging and significance.

I want everyone in the family to feel empowered and positive on this journey. 

Is Family Coaching similar to therapy or counseling?

No, coaching is not similar to therapy or counseling and does not diagnose or treat a mental disorder or medical disease. 

My role is to provide you with the support and empower you to implement new strategies in your home. We will work as a team to find positive solutions for your family. 

Therapy may focus more on dealing with issues and challenges from your past and how these impact your current state of mind. 

Parent coaching is goal directed focuses on helping you become the parent you want to be for your family. 

If during our conversations I feel you or a family member is in need of services out of my realm of expertise, I will encourage you to seek help from the appropriate professional. 

Do you offer a guarantee with your services?

Yes, and no. 

Yes, I guarantee exceptional service and support to help empower you to make the changes you desire for peace in your home. 

No, I cannot completely guarantee that all family members will make the changes needed for success. That will be completely up to YOU.

As humans we are complex beings. Emotions and distractions can sometimes get in the way of our success. You must have the desire to put new practices into place. 

I will of course do what I can to guide you in the right direction but YOU have to be fully committed for this process to be successful. 

Do you accept insurance?

No. Since coaching is not considered treatment, it is not covered by health insurance.

Do both parents need to be present?

No. While it is great to have both parents be involved it is not a requirement. The sessions can include anyone who would like to grow in their parenting skills. This can be one or both parents, a single parent, grandparents and caregivers.

Is Family Coaching Right For You? 


Family Coaching May Be Right For You If You Can Relate To The Following

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and stressed at home when dealing with your children.

You sometimes yell at your children more than you would like to.

You feel you are sometimes failing as a parent.

You want to improve your communication and relationship with your children. 

You and your partner have different parenting styles and you would like to get on the same page. 

You want to make positive changes for yourself and your children. 

You want to bring peace and joy back into your home. 



Client Testimonials 

Amy Beaudine, St Helena 

Ms. Debbie Cossi has been working miracles with our family. If any of you moms and dads out there need support with challenging children I can’t recommend anyone more—total game changer. Debbie works wonders and is there for me day (and nights actually) whenever my mommy heart is breaking from frustration. She coaches on zoom and has been the most supportive, informative, generous and authentic person (I’ve needed more than I knew) to help me with Beau, and ultimately our whole family. I am no longer yelling at my son, my whole perspective has changed and I want all of you to join her brilliant forces!! Send her a message. We are not islands, we need people, and our children need us to have people too."


S.S, St Helena

"My husband and I were lucky enough to have Debbie care for all three of our kids from age 1-3. During those special years, Debbie was not only an amazing teacher and caregiver for our kids, but a huge support to me as well. She provided valuable advice and recommendations for parenting while never making me feel judged. We remain friends to this day and I'm so thankful for all that she provided for our family. "


Amy, Napa

"Debbie provided daycare for our four children from one year old's until they were ready for preschool. Our children loved their "Debbie Days" as we called them, and we were able to work confidently knowing they were in her care. Debbie has a gift for establishing productive routines with young people combined with a supportive and caring atmosphere among the children. The time spent in Debbie's nurturing community gave our children and us a sense of security and warmth that carried back to our home life. We will always be grateful for Debbie helping us navigate our early parenting years with our children who are now all grown up and thriving. "

Erin, St Helena

"Every new parent, no matter how helpful their family might be, or how many books they’ve read, none of us come equipped with the deep reserves of experience that someone who is a true authority possesses. Debbie is that authority, and she has seen it all. Her coaching and guidance comes from a place of care, compassion, and from a clear vantage point. Parents struggle with weaning, with temper tantrums, toilet training and sleep issues, and often we are facing these issues while battling sleepless nights. Tear-filled struggles. Guilt for being late to work because of a particularly trying morning. Worry that we are not measuring up as parents. Debbie has a clear, judgement-free perspective, and can help you develop a plan based on what works, when you might be too overwhelmed to see the path clearly yourself. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a subject or a field of knowledge. Debbie passed that milestone at least a decade ago, I am sure! Her guidance and steady, warm friendship and support was everything to our young family in our two boys’ earliest years."

Mary-Robb, Wisconsin

"Debbie cared for two of our children. She was their first introduction to a childcare setting. Her calm, patient, and nurturing demeanor was such a comfort to them. As parents, we valued her years of professional experience. She became a trusted resource for parenting advice and support. Her family coaching services will surely be invaluable to her clients. "

Patty, St Helena

"Debbie has provided an invaluable service as a daycare provider to so many families in our community for 24 years. In that time, her care of the children always took into account the dynamics within the individual families, in order for her to provide the best care and guidance possible for the children she was caring for. This next chapter  in Debbie's career is a natural extension of what she is keenly skilled at; consistency, boundaries and motivation. My three children, now ranging in age from 16-26, were cared for and mentored by Debbie as toddlers. As a parent, it was incredibly helpful and reassuring that her care of my children reached beyond their basic daily needs. Debbie used her insights to tailor her care for the individual child to help them thrive. She shared those insights with me, the parent, so we could thrive as a family."


Elizabeth, North Carolina

"All through the combined eight years we sent our three children to daycare with Debbie, we not only had a front row seat to her magic touch with children of all different personalities and temperaments, but also the amazing way she raised her own two daughters. She was our partner in navigating a multitude of childhood milestones, and she did the same for every family with whom she worked, deftly managing each family's unique culture. Debbie was the wise, calm, surefooted older sister I never had, always ready with a sympathetic ear and measured advice. She is simply the best "

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