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Speaking Services

As a parent, you know that raising children is both rewarding and challenging. I offer in-person presentations and workshops designed to support and guide parents through the ups and downs of parenthood. My presentations and workshops can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need be the best parent you can be. 

Contact me today to learn more. 

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End Power Struggles Now

Are you looking for ways to reduce power struggles with your children and create a more harmonious home environment? Join this one-hour presentation to learn effective strategies that promote cooperation. This presentation is perfect for moms groups or parent education nights at school. Don't miss out this opportunity to improve your relationship with your children. 


Lunch and Learn Workshop- For Businesses 

From toddler tantrums that make parents late for work to delayed bedtimes that turn them into office zombies, parents can’t help but bring their woes to the office. Parenting related stress costs employers millions in the form of missed days and reduced productivity. During this 4 week, 30 minute workshop, your employees will walk away from the sessions feeling empowered and prepared to make positive changes within the home.


Custom presentation focusing on the specific needs of your audience. 

Are you looking for a presentation on tools and strategies to meet the needs of a specific parenting group? Whether your audience is new parents, foster parents, or any caretakers of children,  I will create a custom presentation that is engaging and informative. Let's work together to ensure that your audience leaves feeling empowered and equipped to navigate the challenges of parenthood. 


Kids Brains and Screens-

For Parents and Educators 

As a certified SCREENSTRONG AMBASSEDOR I am passionate in educating parents on the science behind toxic screen use in children. In this one-hour presentation, we will discuss the impact of screen time on children's brains and explore ways to eliminate toxic screen use. We will also provide practical tips on how to replace screen time with healthy activities that promote cognitive development and overall well-being. Join us to learn more about this important topic.


Kids Brains and Screens-

For Students

This presentation is designed to help students develop healthy screen habits while reducing the negative effects of excessive screen use. This 40 minute presentation is suitable for late elementary and middle school students, and will equip them with practical strategies to use screens more mindfully. Let's get started!


4 Week Course to Eliminate Toxic Screen Use in Your Home

For Parents

Join our 4-week workshop and discover how to create a healthier tech-life balance for your family. Learn practical tips to reduce screen time and build strong family connections through positive activities. Let us help you set up your home for success and create a fun environment that aligns with your family values. Enroll now!

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